Private lessons

We aim to give individual attention and meet the personal wishes of our customers and guests for skiing and snowboarding.

No lift costs in practice area in the valley


  • private lessons

  • small groups and

  • camp's

we can work on your technique, teach you safety and make you fit for all-terrain powder skiing.

You can book your private instructor for the following activities:

  • Technique/Carving

  • Freeride/powder snow

  • Ski tours/Snow-shoe hiking

  • Safety training with avalanche rescue device and probe

  • Bumpy slope

  • Racing

  • Funpark and much more

Private instructors are at your disposal every day. They will be more than happy to guide you to the best places in the Schladming-Dachstein region.

Private lessons

Daily 1 person every extra person
5 hours 340.00 EUR 30.00 EUR
4 hours 287.00 EUR 30.00 EUR
3 hours morning 232.00 EUR 30.00 EUR
3 hours afternoon 222.00 EUR 30.00 EUR
2.5 hours morning 199.00 EUR 30.00 EUR
2.5 hours afternoon 189.00 EUR 30.00 EUR
2 hours morning 164.00 EUR 30.00 EUR
2 hours afternoon 154.00 EUR 30.00 EUR
1 hour "Early Morning Skiing" daily from 8.30 am - 9.30 am 82.00 EUR 15.00 EUR

For organizational reasons, charges of 50% or at least EUR 80 for booked private instructors may occur one day (24 hours) prior to the start of the course. In case of cancellation up to 12 hours before attendance, we will charge 80% of the costs and in case of cancellation or non-appearance on the same day, 100% of the costs will be charged.